Friday, November 10, 2023

Weathergraph 1.0.210

Tomas Kafka:

Weekly chart: You can now see a week at a glance below the main chart, both in the app and in the large widget.

Scroll the weekly chart to peek into the future even more (as long as the forecast provides more than a week of data). Long press the weekly chart to zoom to that time in the main chart.

Sun glow: As the murky autumn arrives, know when to look forward to a healthy dose of sun rays. The warm glow above the cloud layer highlights particularly sunny times.

With Apple’s Weather app relying on the their own weather service, which I find to be a regression over the previous weather data, third-party apps with their own data are essential. I like Weathergraph’s new weekly chart, both as a way to see the whole week at a glance without scrolling and to quickly jump to a specific day. Alas, Weathergraph is still limited to a single location.


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Corentin Cras-Méneur

I think the iOS version is absolutely brilliant and I really like the new weekly view.
The Mac app has an annoying way to fail to auto-update though and I have to remember to regularly manually refresh throughout the day to get it to display somewhat up to date data on the Widget I keep on my secondary monitor.

Hi Corentin, thanks for the feedback! I sadly discovered that while turning iOS app into a mac one is easy, there is no concept of background updates on mac. So, the app either needs to stay open (= at least in dock with the fixes added a few updates ago), or it would require some background daemon that would start after login.

I plan to try using push notifications to trigger the updates, which would also solve the problem of background updates being disabled on iOS when the low power mode is on.

Please let me know if keeping Weathergraph open in the dock wouldn't work to keep the widgets up to date, that would be a bug to fix.

Thanks! Tomas

Corentin Cras-Méneur

Tomas, I tried keeping the app open in the background, but it still complains that background updates are not triggered (and my data is at best from last hour, but some times a day old. Maybe a daemon would do the trick indeed.
I still love the app though! Beside that small issue in the Mac version, it really is my favorite weather app :-)

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