Thursday, November 9, 2023

Retrobatch 2

Flying Meat:

Retrobatch 2.0 includes a new dark UI, a bunch of new nodes, new features, refinements in existing nodes and UI, plus much more.


New “Super Resolution” node, which uses machine learning to scale up your image 4x its size.


New “Photos Export” node which replaces the “Photos Library” node (which Apple has deprecated libraries it uses). This new node will download from iCloud as well as export the unmodified originals from Photos, including RAW photos.


New “Recognized text” option for the Rules node which you can use to filter out images based on character recognition in the image.


The Screenshot node now has text field you can use to filter which screenshots are used in a workflow. For instance, if you only want to capture windows from Safari, you would enter “Safari”.

Gus Mueller:

It comes in 2.5 flavors:

  • Retrobatch (regular): currently $19.99 one time fee. Comes with all 2.x upgrades.
  • Retrobatch Pro: currently a $39.99 one time fee (or $24.99 if you’re upgrading from 1.x). Also comes with all 2.x upgrades. It has more “Pro” features (aka, wacky things with color profiles, JavaScript, and more).
  • Retrobatch Pro (App Store): $24.99 a year with a free 7 day trial. It also has some features missing because of App Store restrictions - but that may not matter to you.

The Mac App Store version is missing droplets and the nodes for AppleScript, shell scripts, and Finder integration; and the command-line tool is severely limited by sandboxing.


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Corentin Cras-Méneur

Great, great new version! I use Retrobatch all the time to convert hundreds of images at the time.

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