Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Ceasing Print Publication of ACM Journals and Transactions

Association for Computing Machinery (via Hacker News):

ACM has made the decision to cease print publication for ACM’s journals and transactions as of January 2024. The magazines Communications of the ACM, ACM InRoads, interactions, and XRDS: Crossroads will continue in print.

There were several motivations for this change: ACM wants to be as environmentally friendly as possible; print journals lack the new features and functionality of the electronic versions in the ACM Digital Library; and print subscriptions, which have been declining for years, have now reached a level where the decision to sunset print made perfect sense. Ultimately, this will prove to be beneficial to the community, enabling ACM to focus efforts on enhancing the electronic versions of the publications where they can have the greatest impact.

This is kind of a shame because I used to like browsing these journals in the library, and it’s not really the same online. I love reading books and articles on my Kindle, but neither it nor the iPad is very good for this sort of technical content. If I’m reading an academic paper I tend to print it myself.


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