Wednesday, October 25, 2023

AirPods Pro for Hearing Protection

Accidental Tech Podcast:

AirPods Pro 2 as concert earplugs

Soundbrenner Minuendo

Others tried: Eargasm, Etymotic ER20XS, Earpeace, Vibes, Mumba

I’ve used the Eargasm, and it’s OK.

Helmut (via Accidental Tech Podcast):

Perhaps you are wondering:

“Why not get rid of earplugs and ear defenders and use my AirPods Pro instead? They are more comfortable, seem to be doing the job, and I can also listen to music.”


Actual work earplug headphones (with a noise reduction rating) and earplugs typically press much more vigorously against your ear canal wall to maintain a consistent seal even when you are in motion.


Unfortunately, against higher-pitched noises, the ANC is ineffective. In my tests, there was no benefit beyond 1600 Hz.


For attending rock concerts or when working in loud environments, I will continue to reach for a tool that offers a more reliable seal and better passive noise isolation across the frequency spectrum (such as a good, inexpensive pair of earplugs with a suitable NRR).


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