Tuesday, October 24, 2023

YouTube Music on HomePod

Tim Hardwick:

YouTube Music is now available directly on Apple’s HomePod and HomePod mini, thanks to new Siri integration support in the YouTube Music app.

The change means subscribers to the streaming service can now choose to use voice commands to start YouTube Music on a HomePod, without having to append “on YouTube Music” to every request.

It’s just great that HomePod works better with YouTube Music than with music purchased directly from Apple.

John Gruber:

Every streaming video service is available on almost every device capable of playing video.


But with these smart audio devices, it’s been more drip-by-drip. It seems clear that each of the major smart audio device makers — Apple with HomePod, Amazon with Alexa, and Google with their Nests — originally conceived of them as being companion products for the respective company’s own music service, not open platforms.


Update (2023-11-20): Nils Kassube:

Since the launch of the YouTube Music Siri/HomePod integration I actually prefer it to Apple Music. So much better recommendations. They still remember old stuff when Apple seems to have lost all preferences from my iTunes usage.


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