Friday, October 20, 2023

An Apple Library Primer


Apple’s library technology has a long and glorious history, dating all the way back to the origins of Unix. This does, however, mean that it can be a bit confusing to newcomers. This is my attempt to clarify some terminology.


The linker has seen three major implementations:

  • ld — This dates from the dawn of Mac OS X.

  • ld64 — This was a rewrite started in the 2005 timeframe. Eventually it replaced ld completely. If you type ld, you get ld64.

  • ld_prime — This was introduced with Xcode 15. This isn’t a separate tool. Rather, ld now supports the -ld_classic and -ld_new options to select a specific implementation.


The dynamic linker has seen 4 major revisions. See WWDC 2017 Session 413 (referenced below) for a discussion of versions 1 through 3. Version 4 is basically a merging of versions 2 and 3.


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>Note The older talks are no longer available from Apple, but you may be able to find transcripts out there on the ’net.
Historically Apple published a document, Mac OS X ABI Mach-O File Format Reference, or some variant thereof, that acted as the definitive reference to the Mach-O file format. This document is no longer available from Apple. If you’re doing serious work with Mach-O, I recommend that you find an old copy.

What an exemplary commitment to reliable and enduring developer support, Apple.

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