Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Retcon Beta

Nathan Manceaux-Panot (Mastodon):

Retcon makes rewriting git history effortless.

Move a commit back in time with a single drag-and-drop. Squash, edit or delete in a few keystrokes. In place—no need to enter a special mode and lose all context. Skip rigidly planning everything ahead, and instead manipulate with instant feedback.

Then change your mind: undo anything with ⌘Z, with step-by-step granularity. Never waste time starting a rewrite over; instead, just edit that one line, in that one file, in that one conflict resolution, and then move on.

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Happy to see git UI that makes these things easier. GitUp and its open source GitUpKit do this really well, too, and I had secretly hoped that more clients would pick this up. Took a while :)

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