Monday, October 16, 2023

Sonoma Wallpapers Block Screen Sharing Login

Andrew Cunningham:

The look of the macOS login screen has been tweaked a bunch over the years, but it hasn’t been substantially rearranged since Lion (version 10.7) in 2011. Sonoma rejiggers things, moving the login field to the bottom of the screen, adding a big clock, and using the last logged-in user’s desktop wallpaper and/or screen saver as its background rather than the operating system’s default background image.

John Voorhees:

More impressive, though, is the large collection of aerial screen savers and wallpapers that are reminiscent of the Apple TV’s screen savers.


When your screen locks and the screen saver kick in, each high-resolution, slow-motion video begins. When you log back into your Mac, the screen saver continues for a couple of seconds more, creating a nice transition as your Mac wakes up. Each screen saver can be set as both a wallpaper and screen saver, or you can pick a screen saver that’s different from your wallpaper, although that isn’t currently working for me.

I like the aerial screen savers, and the default Sonoma Horizon looks good. However, they make it almost impossible for me to unlock my Mac via Screen Sharing. The animation of the desktop background behind the login controls is choppy, as expected. What I didn’t expect is that somehow this makes it lose most of the keystrokes for my login password. So I’ve changed to static desktop pictures on the Macs that I use with Screen Sharing.


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Relocating restart and shut down from under the user to be a menu bar item is not very discoverable.

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