Friday, October 13, 2023

Atlassian Acquires Loom

Atlassian (via Hacker News):

Loom is an asynchronous (async) video messaging tool that helps users communicate through instantly shareable videos. Today, almost 5 million Loom videos are created every month by their 200,000 passionate customers.


As Atlassian consolidates Loom into its platform, engineers will soon be able to visually log issues in Jira, leaders will use videos to connect with employees at scale, sales teams will send tailored video updates to clients, and HR teams will onboard new employees with personalized welcome videos. By integrating Atlassian’s and Loom’s investments in AI, customers will be able to seamlessly transition between video, transcripts, summaries, documents, and the workflows derived from them.

I went to Loom’s home page and was amused to see a video showing a MacBook Pro. On screen is an app that looks like Fantastical, but the menu bar says “Calendar,” and the names of the menus don’t match either app. Someone also went to the trouble of renaming “Safari” to “Browser.”

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