Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Unlimited Kagi Searches

Kagi (Hacker News):

We’re thrilled to announce that unlimited search is now included in our $10/month Professional plan and our Ultimate, Family, and Duo plans. […] With new search sources proving more cost-efficient, the improved efficiency of our infrastructure, and the broader market embracing Kagi, we can again offer an unlimited experience to a broader group of users. We’re excited that this change will let many more people enjoy a fun, ad-free, and user-centric web search.


We are removing the pay-per-use component [of the Starter Plan] (to simplify our billing infrastructure) and making it simple: 300 searches for $5/month.

It’s too bad that you need a Safari extension, which has access to your browser history, because Safari doesn’t just let you add a new search engine.


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The fact that Apple doesn't let Safari users choose any search engine as their default is even more outrageous than their scum y deal with Google. So glad Kagi figured out an elegant workaround using extensions. Google search is trash, and Apple's reputation deserves to take a big hit as a result of their tacit endorsement in exchange for obscene amounts of money.

I’ve sent Apple feedback about this, for what it’s worth. I want them to at least add Brave Search and Kagi as search options, if not allowing the user to choose their search engine like most other browsers do.

Note that there's also the xSearch extension, to get any / multiple search engines in Safari.

This can also override the default search engine ( Config > Override > Black List .)

Just found the Qwant search engine. Seems like even better search results than Brave and maybe Kagi - it excludes more content farm sites. Plus it has an extension that lets you change the default search in Safari to Qwant.

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