Monday, September 18, 2023

Toyota Factory Shutdowns

Justin McCurry (via Hacker News):

The Japanese carmaker said the stoppage on 29 August at all 14 of its domestic plants occurred after servers that process orders for vehicle parts broke down following a maintenance procedure carried out the previous day.

During this operation, “data that had accumulated in the database was deleted and organised, and an error occurred due to insufficient disk space, causing the system to stop”, Toyota said on Wednesday.


Toyota had to shut down the same 14 factories for a day in February last year when one of its suppliers said one of its file servers had been infected with a virus, raising questions about the cybersecurity of Japan’s supply chains.

Andrew E. Freedman:

Moral of the story: Always keep some extra storage space on hand for anything mission-critical, especially if you’re a massive company that requires software that can be timed to exact specifications in order to build complicated machines.


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I keep a requirement on my systems to always have 20% free space. It's better for the health of the SSDs and my sanity.

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