Monday, September 18, 2023

iOS 17

Apple (release notes, Hacker News):

iOS 17 makes iPhone even more personal and intuitive with major updates to communication apps; StandBy, a new way to experience iPhone when it is charging; easier sharing with AirDrop; and more intelligent input that improves the speed and accuracy of typing.

See also: Federico Viticci, Dan Moren, MacRumors.

Ken Case:

Late in the iOS/iPadOS beta cycle, a memory issue was introduced in Apple’s JavaScriptCore framework which can (but doesn’t always) trigger crashes when JavaScript code is used in an app. Since Omni Automation plug-ins and scripts are all written in JavaScript, this can cause our apps to crash any time they load or run code from those plug-ins and scripts. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens enough to be bothersome.

We’ve consulted with Apple about this intermittent JavaScript crash, and hope it gets resolved soon.


Update (2024-02-07): See also: TidBITS-Talk.

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