Thursday, September 7, 2023

Text Kit Benchmarks

Matt Massicotte:

A suite of performance tests for macOS text views

Every year, I check in on TextKit 2 to see how things are going. It was introduced in macOS 12, and I found it basically unusable. With macOS 13 it was better, but still rough. So far, on macOS 14, it seems like it might be ok. However, I was having some performance problems. So I finally went head and factored that out into a dedicated project. Pretty focused on NSTextView right now, but I’m into making it more general if that’s helpful to anyone.

The tests are automated using XCTest’s UI performance testing system, backed by custom OSSignpost. I find this really wonderful for both repeatibility and Instruments usage.

Matt Massicotte:

I use XCTest’s UI Testing system a lot. With some help from @icanzilb, I put a bunch of utilities into a library. Has a bunch of common UI operations, along with perf optimizations to help with slow tests.


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