Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Forklift 4


We have optimized every aspect of the app to ensure lightning-fast performance. Whether you’re browsing files, transferring data, or managing your storage, you’ll notice a significant improvement in speed. You will experience the biggest change in performance when you’re synchronizing files.

We believe that a great user experience begins with a beautiful interface. ForkLift 4 sports a sleek, modern design that not only looks fantastic but also enhances usability.

It looks pretty good, but I’m not a fan of lists of iOS-style checkboxes. The Settings window seems inspired by the Ventura System Settings, but it doesn’t actually use the same coloring or sizing. I do like that the pop-up menus look like pop-up menus.

Our Newly Added Protocols: Dropbox, Google Drive Team Drives, and Microsoft OneDrive


  • Option to save view options for specific folders
  • Synchronization of favorites through iCloud
  • Option to color the icons in the sidebar
  • Connecting to Amazon S3 buckets with bucket level only permissions and using two factor authentication

They’re “introducing lifetime licenses to a wider user base.” It’s $19.95 for 1 year of updates or $34.95 for 2 years.

See also: John Voorhees.


Update (2023-09-07): Binarynights:

After the release of ForkLift 4 we have received extensive feedback from our dedicated user base expressing their disappointment over the absence of an upgrade path from previous versions of ForkLift.


We will reward existing users by offering an additional 100 days of free updates. If you purchase a 1 or 2-year license and provide your old license key during the purchase, you will receive 100 extra days of free updates on top of the currently available 100 day bonus, totaling 200 days of additional free updates, equivalent to a 54% discount based on the 1-year license.

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In the comments section of their blog post they say they are working on adding this to Setapp. Currently Setapp has Forklift 3.

Corentin Cras-Méneur

I appreciate that they didn’t go full subscription. It’s a bit like Agenda: you have all the updates for 1 or 2 years (depending on what you selected), then all the features remain yours for ever — you just don’t get new features if you don’t want to pay anymore.

@Corentin I guess it’s more like Sketch because you don’t get new bug fixes, either?

Corentin Cras-Méneur

I didn't see bug fixes were not included after the free update period… That's sad!

Also the same as Panic Nova: subscribe for updates and new versions (arbitrary difference), unsubscribe = use what you have forever. Not cheap so I definitely let it expire immediately. Let's see in a year or two.

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