Monday, August 28, 2023

mg Text Editor

Wikipedia (via Accidental Tech Podcast):

mg, originally called MicroGnuEmacs (and later changed at the request of Richard Stallman), is a public-domain text editor that runs on Unix-like operating systems. It is based on MicroEMACS, but intended to more closely resemble GNU Emacs while still maintaining a small memory footprint and fast speed.

I’ve been occasionally annoyed, since Catalina, that Emacs is no longer built into macOS. Yes, it can be installed, but it was nice to be able to depend on it always being there. Fortunately, mg is pre-installed and seems to be a good substitute for my purposes of quickly doing small searches or edits from Terminal or via SSH.


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Well, TIL. I had absolutely zero idea mg was a thing, I need to see how usable it is since pico is getting on my nerves a bit (when I can’t use vim).

I really wanted to use mg but no UTF-8 support..

I had no idea mg was shipped with macOS, thanks. Long ago I made some contributions to the Amiga port, so kinda nostalgic.

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