Thursday, August 17, 2023

macOS 14 Simplifies Restoring a Mac in DFU Mode

Juli Clover:

In macOS Ventura and earlier, reviving or restoring a Mac requires a second Mac that has the Apple Configurator app installed, but in macOS Sonoma, Apple Configurator is no longer required.

Restoring or reviving using Finder is basically the same process as restoring with Configurator, just without the need for additional software. The two Macs will still need to be connected to one another through a USB-C cable, and the same steps will likely apply. Both machines will need to have macOS Sonoma installed to use Finder for a restore.


Update (2023-08-18): Howard Oakley:

I’m not sure that this actually simplifies anything: the tricky bit is putting the target into DFU mode. Configurator is valuable for the details in its Help book describing that. (It has also been the case since the first developer beta in June.)

It’s also annoying when building a macOS VM. When the Finder sees the IPSW during VM installation, it offers to connect to a Mac in DFU mode and restore it. Have to close that every single VM build.

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