Tuesday, August 15, 2023


andrews05 (via David C.):

ResForge is a resource editor for macOS, capable of editing classic resource fork files and related formats. Based on ResKnife by Nicholas Shanks and Uli Kusterer, this derivative of the project has been rewritten for modern macOS systems.


Supports both resource and data forks in the original resource file format, as well as experimental support for the new extended format defined by Graphite.

Hexadecimal editor, powered by HexFiend.

Template editor, supporting a wide array of field types.


Image editor, supporting 'PICT', 'PNG ', 'cicn' & 'ppat' resources, plus view-only support for a variety of icons and other bitmaps.

Sound editor, supporting sampled 'snd ' resources.

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That icon gives me the feels.

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