Monday, July 24, 2023

iOS 16.6 and iPadOS 16.6

Juli Clover (release notes, security):

According to Apple’s release notes for the update, it includes unspecified bug fixes and security improvements. No new features were found during the beta testing period, and Apple’s notes on the software provide no insight into what’s included.

Apple has since published information about the security issues.


Update (2023-07-27): Pierre Igot:

I just had to update a really old iPhone to iOS 12.5.7 (latest available) and a newer iPhone to 16.6. I started both processes simultaneously, side by side.

I really don’t care what the technological reasons/excuses are. It simply does not seem right that the far newer (and far more powerful) phone is taking FOUR TIMES LONGER (at least) to install the 16.6 update than the older phone took to install the 12.5.7 update.

Update (2023-07-31): Joe Rossignol:

Apple has acknowledged a bug with its parental controls feature Screen Time on the iPhone and iPad, and promises it will take additional steps to remedy the situation, according to a report this weekend from The Wall Street Journal.


Apple already fixed an issue with Screen Time settings failing to stick with iOS 16.5, released in May, but the report claims that some parents have continued to experience the issue on devices updated to iOS 16.6 and the iOS 17 public beta.


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