Friday, July 21, 2023

Better Medication Tracking

Dr. Drang:

Slight differences in color, which could be very helpful in distinguishing pills that are otherwise similar in size and shape, just aren’t available in the app. I don’t get why Apple doesn’t let you just take a photo of a pill and use that as the ID.

Another deficiency is that size isn’t included as part of the visual ID. While I understand Apple’s reluctance to ask its users to measure their pills (something I’d do readily, but I’m weird that way), there’s no question that people use their pills’ sizes to help distinguish them.


There are several advantages to using the organizer, but the main one for me is that it’s self-documenting. Because I leave the lid open, the organizer itself provides a record of whether I’ve taken today’s pills or not. This is true automation, something I doubt the Health app will ever equal.


Update (2023-07-25): A. Lee Bennett Jr.:

I just wish Apple Health had a means of tracking remaining pill quantity the way Mango Health did, which I still use, but it’s been abandoned and is showing early signs of breaking.


I noticed another bug:

  1. Use 2 Apple Watches: 1 during the day, 1 for sleeping.
  2. Turn the Watch you’re NOT wearing off
  3. So, when you switch watches, and turn one off and the other one ON, after a while you get (duplicate) notifications with all that days Medication reminders (which you had already taken) AGAIN a second time 🤦🏼‍♂️

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Old Unix Geek

White balance color correction means that unless a reference color sheet is included in the image, it is not possible to distinguish slight variations of color accurately because the lighting of the photo changes for all sorts of reasons including the angle of the sun and whether you put that bright red sweater on, or a black one.

Size depends on how close the camera is to the object. Unless LIDAR is used, it can't know that either.

Ben Kennedy

OUG: I took Dr. Drang's comment to mean that he simply wanted to be able to photograph the pill for his own visual reference within the app.

Old Unix Geek

@Ben Kennedy: Oh, I guess I misunderstood then. Thanks.

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