Thursday, July 13, 2023

iPadOS 17 Public Beta

Jason Snell:

iPadOS 17 uses the extra screen space of the iPad and lets you add a load of lock-screen widgets down the left side. I’ve already stuck a few in there and I’m looking forward to shopping for even more because there’s just so much space.

Another iOS 16 feature picked up in iPadOS 17 is support for Live Activities. These dynamically updated notification boxes can now live on the iPad Lock Screen as well, so you can keep track of a flight in Flighty or a baseball game via the MLB app or a running timer from the Clock app.


That all changed in iPadOS 17, which allows your iPad to sync health data from your iPhone and display it in the new, iPad-expanded Health app. Now I can have quick access on my preferred device to my health trends, which I never think to look at when I’m on my iPhone. In just a few weeks, I am already browsing my health data—and using it to motivate me—far more than I did when it was on my iPhone.


So the good news: in iPadOS 17, Stage Manager really will let you put windows wherever you want.

See also: Juli Clover.


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