Monday, July 10, 2023

How the Threads App Was Built

Emerge Tools (Hacker News):

Two things stand out for Threads on iOS:

  1. Threads has 0 dynamic libraries, whereas the Facebook app which heavily utilizes dynamic frameworks.
  2. Threads has one of the largest plugins we’ve ever seen. BarcelonaShareExtension is 81 MB.


As with the Android app, it looks like they were able to share significant amounts of code between Threads & Instagram to help speed up development. Threads team wanted to move fast and took whatever code it could from Instagram and shoved it where it needed to go.

Cam Roth:

99% native, with a home grown cross-platform solution for a few lightweight flows (think tables or reporting)

We utilized a bunch of existing obj-c/obj-c++ things within IG, but 95% of the new code we wrote was Swift.

We’ll have an eng blog post coming eventually. Mostly Swift, almost all UIKit, a dash of SwiftUl.


Update (2023-07-14): Ahmad Shadeed:

One of the most noteworthy use cases of CSS Grid in a production app is found in Threads. CSS Grid is used to build the post layout.


That line connecting my avatar to Mark’s one is an SVG path.

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