Monday, July 3, 2023

S3 Files 2023.1

Anders Borum:

Today I’m launching S3 Files, a client for S3 compatible storage inside the Files app, share sheet, shortcuts and the Finder on Mac.

It’s a universal app that costs $14.99 (lifetime) or $2.99 monthly:

Our innovative “Smart Upload” feature allows you to use the share sheet and services menu for efficient uploads. Remembering the target directory for each file type, this feature guarantees swift and efficient uploads of files & folders.

With extensive S3 compatibility, our app works effortlessly with platforms like AWS S3, BackBlaze B2, CloudFlare R2, Digital Ocean Spaces, MinIO, Wasabi, and more.

Our “Controlled Sharing” feature lets you generate shareable links for others to view & download files with the option to limit access up to 7 days.


Update (2023-08-10): Anders Borum:

Objects in Glacier or Glacier Deep Archive have a small icon in Finder/Files app and can be restored from context menu.

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