Friday, June 30, 2023

Paste 4

John Voorhees:

Paste feels like the kind of clipboard manager Apple might make, especially version 4.0, which was released today.


Each clipboard item is depicted as a square card with a header that includes an editable title, the date it was copied, and the icon of the app from which it was copied when viewed using the app’s largest UI option. The main body of the card displays the copied content. For me, that’s often text, but it can include a preview of an image or video, a rich preview of a URL, and more. At the bottom of the card is more information about the item, like a title and URL for links and the character count for text. To find an item in your clipboard history, you can scroll the strip of items or use the app’s search field, which searches the contents of your history and associated metadata.


The app also features more keyboard shortcuts than before, allowing users to access virtually every feature from the keyboard whether you’re renaming, editing, copying, or doing something else with a clipboard item.


iOS and iPadOS impose some limits on Paste that you won’t find on the Mac, but the app makes it easy to get data into those versions via the share sheet and clipboard. Also, because everything syncs via iCloud, your clipboard history and pinboards will be available everywhere, which makes moving between devices a breeze.

I’ve been happily using LaunchBar for my clipboard and snippet needs, but I like seeing different takes on this space. The iCloud syncing is interesting.

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Corentin Cras-Méneur

I'm still using Paste 2. The app still works like a charm and it's the last version that had a perpetual license.
Version 3 was a minor improvement over 2. 4 seems nice, but not enough to convince me that I want to buy into the subscription model.
Still not convinced about the subscription model for everything and anything. I wonder what percentage of the v2 owners decided to not switch to subscription…

On Setapp as well.

How does it compare to CopyPaste Pro (older) and CopyPaste (newer)? And I mean, besides price.

I still use Pastebot from tapbots. It’s still the only one that does sequential paste perfectly.

I’m surprised paste 4 doesn’t support that tbh.

Curious why you chose LaunchBar over Alfred 🤔 as a launcher.

(Alfred also has clipboard history and snippets, and is very extensible.)

@Mikasa I don’t know a lot about Alfred. I’ve been using LaunchBar since 2001 and never saw a reason to switch to something else.

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