Thursday, June 29, 2023

SD Notary 2

Shane Stanley:

We are pleased to announce the release of SD Notary 2, the application for notarizing applets and other files. SD Notary 2 replaces SD Notary, which is still available but uses a method Apple intends to discontinue in the near future.

We advise all users of SD Notary to download and use the new application, which is based on Apple software that is faster and more reliable. The exception is those running versions of macOS before 11.3. Just be aware that those older systems will soon lose the ability to notarize for good.

Mark Alldritt:

SD Notary 2 uses a newer tool, notarytool, instead of the deprecated altool used by the original SD Notary. This requires changes to how you set up the app, how it logs progress, and how it interacts with Apple’s servers, but it does not change what it does, and how you configure the various notarization options.


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