Monday, June 19, 2023

Google Domains Shutting Down

Abner Li:

In an unexpected announcement today, Google Domains is “winding down following a transition period,” with Squarespace taking over the business and assets.


Google cited “efforts to sharpen our focus” in selling the Google Domains registrar business, which launched in 2014 as a big proponent of HTTPS and top-level domains (TLDs) as of late. The service exited beta in 2022.

Gergely Orosz (Hacker News):

This is 10 million domains sold. Millions of customers like me learn again (and again!) that you cannot trust Google to keep their own products alive.

Show me another vendor that throws away customers like this…


Also: as a Google Domains customer, why am hearing about this news from Squarespace’s press release?

Google (my provider, and where I’m a customer) has not told me this is happening.

John Gruber:

I had an alert that the new domain name I registered would be put on “hold” today if I didn’t verify the email address I used to register it. I hadn’t seen any verification emails from Google about it. I told Google Domains to send another verification email. Still didn’t see it. Turns out that even though I used an address to register the domain, every single email from Google Domains was being flagged as spam. So Google’s own email service considers all emails from Google’s own domain name service to be spam.

David Heinemeier Hansson:

Google will eventually kill every single service you care about, if they can’t find a way to directly monetize it with ads at a scale of billions. They’re institutionally incapable of being in the product or service business, because neither products nor services butter Google’s bread. Advertisement does.

See also: Hacker News.


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