Wednesday, June 14, 2023

iA Presenter 1.1.2

John Gruber:

iA Presenter is a presentation/slide deck creation tool where you write your deck using Markdown. But even though you’re creating with plain text, iA Presenter is, as you’d expect, an exquisite design tool.

Information Architects:

With iA Presenter’s text based editor, you can start with any existing piece of writing. Copy and paste. You’ve saved the time and avoided the pain of starting a presentation.


iA Presenter lets you split and join slides without rethinking your whole deckset. Just write — or hit return three times to create a slide break. If you want to make two slides into one, just delete the slide break.


Images, videos, layouts, tables and templates are all available when we need them. It comes with an image library that gives you a separate overview of the visual assets you use.


Since the meat and bones of your presentation is in what you say, you can export it as a simple text document. iA Presenter ends the quirky six slides on 20 A4 papers and puts everything back into a simple, easy to read and follow text with pictures.

It’s $89 for a one-time purchase or $44.50/year (not in the Mac App Store).

See also: Launch Day, iA Writer.


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Michael Fessler

Deckset is a similar product that's been around for close to a decade, and costs $35 as a one-time purchase for single users. Does iA Presenter improve on Deckset's feature set in substantial ways?

Sounds quite a bit like an updated version of the old outline processor, MORE, which had a nice presentation view back in the 1980s. That's neither a complaint nor an insult. MORE is one of my all-time favorite Mac apps.

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