Thursday, May 25, 2023

Disk Utility in macOS 13.4

Howard Oakley:

Yet for those few years, Disk Utility’s First Aid feature has frequently failed to perform checks on APFS volumes, reporting various errors that are the result not of file system problems but bugs in Disk Utility. These boil down to the fact that fsck_apfs requires the volume to be unmounted, and Disk Utility has been unable to do that reliably. This has left users having to manually unmount volumes before using the First Aid tool.


Apple has at long last responded, and Disk Utility in Ventura 13.4 reaches new heights in version 22.6. I’m delighted to report that you can now check and repair almost every APFS volume you might wish. I’ve tried it on a wide range, including Time Machine backups, and on both internal and external disks.


What then appears to happen is that, because that Data volume is joined to the System volume using firmlinks, and mounted at a different path, Disk Utility can’t unmount the Data volume alone, so fails with the original error. The workaround is to select the Data volume, click the Unmount tool, which will then unmount both System and Data volumes, and you can then run First Aid without error.


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