Monday, May 15, 2023

How Apple Help Works and How It Doesn’t

Howard Oakley:

Before High Sierra, Help Manager was troubled by several bugs, and had become unreliable prior to its major revision in 10.13.4. Since then further bugs have come and gone; among the more troublesome are those in Big Sur and Monterey, which can prevent a Help book from opening, or, if it does eventually open, the book displays completely blank pages.

Although those appear to have resolved in Ventura, three issues remain[…]


Because HelpViewer is a separate app, sometimes Stage Manager considers the Help window is another window owned by the parent app, and sometimes it’s treated as belonging to a different app. These inconsistencies are gradually being ironed out as Stage Manager matures.


Update (2023-05-22): Mario Guzman:

Just finished what is probably the biggest update to my blog post “Authoring macOS Help Books in 2020 (and beyond)”

I haven’t added a full Localization process just yet but will soon.

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