Thursday, May 11, 2023

Discord’s Username Change

Umar Shakir (via Hacker News):

Starting in the next couple of weeks, millions of Discord users will be forced to say goodbye to their old four-digit-appended names. Discord is requiring everyone to take up a new common platform-wide handle. For Discord, it’s a move toward mainstream social network conventions. For some users, though, it’s a change to the basics of what Discord is — a shift that’s as much about culture as technology.

Discord has historically handled usernames with a numeric suffix system. Instead of requiring a completely unique handle, it allowed duplicate names by adding a four-digit code known as a “discriminator” — think TheVerge#1234. But earlier this week, it announced it was changing course and moving toward unique identifiers that resemble Twitter-style “@” handles.


Over on Reddit, Vishnevskiy argued that the new handles wouldn’t even show up in the interface that often since Discord will allow users to set a separate display name that’s not unique.


During the change, Discord users will have to navigate a process that’s fraught with uncertainty and cutthroat competition.

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Ben Kennedy

Maybe they’ll also use this opportunity to change the name of the platform to something less ridiculous… though I imagine not.

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