Monday, May 8, 2023

Limiting iPhone USB-C Speeds

Joe Rossignol (Hacker News):

It was rumored in February that Apple may be planning to limit charging speeds and other functionality of USB-C cables that are not certified under its “Made for iPhone” program. Like the Lightning port on existing iPhones, a small chip inside the USB-C port on iPhone 15 models would confirm the authenticity of the USB-C cable connected.

“I believe Apple will optimize the fast charging performance of MFi-certified chargers for the iPhone 15,” Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in March.


In response to this rumor, European Commissioner Thierry Breton has sent Apple a letter warning the company that limiting the functionality of USB-C cables would not be permitted and would prevent iPhones from being sold in the EU when the law goes into effect, according to German newspaper Die Zeit.


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Good for them. This foot dragging on everything from sideloading to Radars to alternate payment options to app store policing is not a culture centered on customers, even if Apple gaslights that it’s all about customer experience.

Hope the EU can at least keep them honest there and that it spills over to the US. I have doubts.

I don’t approve how angry people get at Apple over rumors. Obviously, limiting generic USB-C cables would be wrong, but there’s still room for a sensible MFi certification, just because of the huge mess that USB-C cables are. If I’m looking for a cable that supports all iPhone features, I’d love a label that guarantees me that.

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