Tuesday, April 11, 2023

News Is Not a Normal Mac App

Jeff Johnson on the News app’s Share menu:

This doesn’t open in Safari but rather in my default web browser, which is Link Unshortener.

Any normal Mac app — including Link Unshortener — can call the API to determine which app is your default web browser.

They did restore the Open in Safari menu command, but it badly needs a keyboard shortcut. Both this command and the share menu say “Safari,” but they actually follow the Default web browser system setting. Ultimately, this is up to News, but why doesn’t the system have a built-in sharing service with the proper icon, name, and behavior?

Jeff Johnson:

The Mac News app forgets my window size on every launch.

For me, sometimes it remembers the size and sometimes it forgets.


Update (2023-04-24): Jeff Johnson:

News forgetting the window size is actually the bug I wrote about here.

The irony is that I filed the bug against Monterey, but they wanted me to test the Ventura beta.

That seems reasonable to me if Apple can’t reproduce the issue on the latest beta or if they actually think they have fixed it. The problem is that a lot of times these requests to re-test just seem to be someone trying to blindly close lots of bugs. Then it just waste’s everyone’s time to verify a bug that is not being worked on, anyway.

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