Monday, April 10, 2023

Bakery 2.11

Jordi Bruin (via Paul Hudson):

Generate beautiful placeholder app icons for your Xcode projects with Bakery!

If your homescreens are filled with apps with the white placeholder icon, Bakery is for you! Quickly generate beautiful simple and distinctive app icons that make your (side) projects stand out!

This looks cool, though I’m not sure whether it’s still under development. The last update was a year ago, and the Web site is down.

Update (2023-04-21): Jordi Bruin:

I’ll release Bakery 3.0 if it beats out Rocketsim 😉

Jordi Bruin:

I need to get my company site up again. V3.0 is coming in may 🙂

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I use Bakery quite a bit. It's fairly easy and gets the job dfone.

It’s pretty feature complete, I wouldn’t worry if it’s not under active development. Not every app needs to be updated every other week

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