Thursday, March 16, 2023

Peakto 1.5


CYME adds annotation features to Peakto, the AI-powered photo meta-cataloger for macOS. Thanks to its wide compatibility–Lightroom, Luminar AI/Neo, Capture One and Apple Photos–Peakto allows photographers to annotate from the same interface thousands of images belonging to different photo editing software and different folders. This borderless annotation, which can be applied to hundreds of photo catalogs, complements Peakto’s automatic AI annotation that effortlessly assigns keywords and categories to images.


Peakto also recovers the annotations present in the original catalog and allows users to add new ones such as title, caption, author’s name, rights of use and legal mentions. Because Peakto is an AI-enhanced photo organizer, it offers photographers two options to find a specific shot or make image selections: (1) keywords describing the image content automatically assigned by the AI, and (2) the photographer’s personal notes. Peakto simplifies the sharing of the best images from a shoot, the creation of a thematic album or the selection of visuals for a book or portfolio.

I like the concept of an app that pulls together photos from different apps and provides an interface tuned for browsing, searching, and annotating. My main photo app is Lightroom Classic, but it doesn’t have AI searching and can’t show the map in the grid view. Peakto can give me these and other features without my having to give up Lightroom, which is great in many other respects.

This new version offers annotation roundtripping. Metadata that I add in Lightroom shows up in Peakto, and changes made in Peakto can be written to XMP sidecars (or HEIC/JPEG files) and then brought back into Lightroom. This is great but doesn’t seem quite ready for my purposes yet. Lightroom doesn’t automatically bring in the changes; you have to tell it to sync. And syncing only works with folders Peakto is set to watch, not with whole linked catalogs, and it’s not recommended for folders with Lightroom masters. CYME has plans to expand syncing with Lightroom and with other apps, and I will be following their progress with interest.


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