Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Printing Lazy Web Images

Adam Engst:

Mail generates an offscreen web view, waits for the “load” part of the document to arrive, and then “prints.” But loading="lazy" causes images to load only when scrolled into view, which never happens with printing.


I did testing and found that if I changed the scaling percentage to 99%, some images would load—but they’d be fuzzy—and others would remain blank. However, if I changed the scaling percentage more seriously, such as to 87%, and then scrolled through the entire document preview, all images would appear crisply in the resulting PDF, even if I later returned the scaling to 100%. Presumably, asking the Print dialog to scale the output forced WebKit to load all the images, allowing them to appear.

This is a longstanding problem that also affects pages saved as PDFs from Safari and third-party apps. WebKit should just handle loading the whole page automatically.

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Yeah but that would not be as cool as changing dialogs! It's better to leave that unfixed along with a ton of other bugs like saying Messages should be in all Desktops but on reboot it gets forced to a single desktop until toggling the setting.

@Matt B I can't get over how bad the window manager is in Ventura regarding the "Assign To All Desktops" option, unless you reset it after a reboot. So so buggy. (It's been buggy for a few years already, but it feels like Ventura made it even worse.)

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