Friday, March 10, 2023

Screen Saver Doesn’t Properly Display Rotated Images

Adam Engst:

But therein lies the longstanding rub: an unresolved bug that spans many years. The big win of Apple’s photo screen savers is that they let you select photos from your Photos library or a folder. According to the author of ArtSaver, an independent macOS screen saver that offers many more options, Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps access to your Photos library.

The macOS permissions system is designed around giving apps access to things. There is apparently no way to do this for a plug-in.

The problem is simple: Apple’s photo screen savers display only original, unedited images in Photos. If you have edited an image, including rotating it, the screen saver ignores your changes, instead using the original image stored separately in Photos.


There are workarounds, but you’re not going to like them because they waste disk space and require regular maintenance to include new photos.

The seemingly basic task of displaying a collection of photos from the system photo library on your lock screen is awkward on both macOS and iOS.


Update (2023-03-14): Satish E Viswanath:

ever tried screen savers on Apple TV via Home Sharing your photo library? It does NOT support HEIC photos (!) Dates back to 2017.

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