Monday, March 6, 2023

iOS Announcements and Offers

Adam Chandler:

150% of my iPhone 14 Pro Max’s screen on the App Store’s Today screen is occupied by advertisements that aren’t relevant to my interests. Apple’s services team is ruining the experience.

Mario Guzman:

Ugh. I got hit by two Apple ads this morning. What the f is this shit?

First, some Apple Store ad for Valentines Day.

Then I open Music to get my day going and this is what I get immediately. An ad for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. 😒

When did Apple get so freakin’ spammy?!

Mario Guzman:

Turn off Apple Store Spam notifications by going to Account > Settings > Notifications and switching off “Announcements and Offers”

Mario Guzman:

Earlier I posted about shutting off Spam Notifications from Apple via the Apple Store app.

Well, apparently it’s worse. If you shut it off, you get this little reminder (that won’t go away unless you re-enable the spam notifications). This is so fucking user hostile.

Christina Warren:

These sorts of ads in the Apple TV app are so obnoxious.

The worst part is this is literally when you launch the app. Don’t do this shit! This is a bad, dark pattern! Apple doesn’t get to claim moral high ground when it does stuff like this!


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As someone who doesn't use iCloud let me tell you, Apple have been spammy for years.

I live in the Netherlands and my App Store region is set to the Netherlands. “Announcements & Offers” is off and I don’t see a little reminder.

I guess Apple knee-capped advertisers on iOS so it could have the field to itself 🤷‍♂️

They better squeeze that rock for as much money as possible while they still can.

I’d be happy if Apple TV+ would at least stop showing me the same pre-roll trailer (yes, those are ads, too) again and again. Worse, it doesn’t even stop if I’ve already seen and finished that show.

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