Monday, March 6, 2023

CoverSutra Open Source

Sophia Teutschler:

The source code for CoverSutra is now available on GitHub.

This was a great app back in the day. So many of these talented indie developers ended up working at Apple.

Via Dave Verwer:

Sophia Teutschler has been open-sourcing her old apps (Tipulator, CoverSutra, and Groceries) recently[…] None of Sophia’s apps is exactly ten years old, but they’re certainly of that era, and it struck me how much things have changed as I browsed the repositories.

It’s got Objective-C properties with manual reference counting, NS_DURING, Cocoa bindings, Scripting Bridge, and “delicious” interface design.


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Adam Maxwell

Very nice. It's fun for a change to see code that I can read and understand as a Cocoa dinosaur, in spite of the memory leak in an NSString category :). NS_DURING was obsolete even then, but @try/catch always looked messier to me, for some reason. I did finally start using properties and synthesize, but I never liked Cocoa bindings, KVO, or Core Data, after initial attempts to use them.

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