Friday, March 3, 2023

Linode Price Increases

Shawn Michels (Hacker News):

The price of Shared and Dedicated compute plans will increase by 20%. Our shared Nanode plan remains unchanged at US$5 per month.

Additional IPv4 IP addresses will increase from US$1 to US$2 per month. IPv6 addresses remain free.


Akamai faces the same macroeconomic headwinds of growing costs for data center space, energy, and hardware as other providers. We resisted making any changes to our offerings for as long as we could.


The message being sent to customers claims that they “remain more aggressively priced than our peer providers”, which is nonsense as far as I can tell—unless they now consider their “peer providers” to be the likes of AWS, Azure, and GCP?


What is really weird about this, they are now more expensive than comparable systems on AWS Lightsail.

Marco Arment:

Deleted my earlier post about packet loss to Linode — that may be a regional Verizon thing closer to me, so I can’t blame them for it.

The price hike still has me looking around and making a contingency plan, though.


I’m not as concerned about the price increases as I am about Akamai just completely changing what Linode is, which I feel is inevitably underway. Very frustrating since I just moved to Linode last year after finally getting fed up with Digital Ocean’s laissez-faire attitude turning their network into a spam factory. Up to now I’ve been really happy with Linode.


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Damn! And I was just getting ready to set up an SMTP conduit on their network for avoiding a dynamic IP block. Guess I'll just have to do the least possible with their smallest instance and use SOCKS to use the provisioned IP instead of a dedicated one. I refuse to relay through a provider like SES; I want to terminate TLS sessions.

What is wrong with GreenCloud and Hertzner? Cheaper but different service level?

I am very happy with Hetzner - migrated whole Weathergraph backend there from DigitalOcean about year ago, and never looked back. Great prices and specs, great realiability and UI.

And their IP reputation these days? They used to be ... a bit problematic? Also, as of right now, no UK POP, so not a decision I'm looking forward to, but may be worth it for the prices. Amazon Lightsail is right out -- still no IPv6.

Not sure about that, I use third party services for emailing. Previously I had deliverability problems with Sendgrid (they put many budget tarif clients on a single IP with shared reputation), now I am happy with Amazon SES.

Reilly O'Bore

If I had known that IPv4 addresses were so energy inefficient, I would have disabled them on my home network years ago. No wonder my energy bills are so high now knowing the cost of using IPv4 has essentially doubled.

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