Thursday, February 23, 2023

macOS 13.2.x and Recovery, a Sad Tale

Robert Hammen:

Apple’s latest updates to macOS Ventura can lead to your FileVault-encrypted Mac booting into Recovery, and, potentially, prompts to enter one or more of […]


As far as what’s happening, without having intimate knowledge (and logs/bug reports), it’s difficult to say exactly, but it seems to revolve around a failure to perform something like an authenticated restart (i.e. restart and unlock the encrypted boot drive without prompting the user). When this fails, macOS falls back to boot to Recovery for authentication/disk unlock.


Apple does not make public statements about bugs/issues. Privately, they’ve indicated that they’re aware of this situation, and have asked for further details (some diagnostic steps below). For now, the recommended workaround is to:

  1. Restart your Mac
  2. Within 30 minutes of restarting, install the update(s)

I’m still having Ventura updates not show up in System Settings. I need to install them using softwareupdate --install --recommended, and with the 13.2.1 update I also needed to add --restart or the command would get stuck after downloading the update.


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