Friday, February 17, 2023

iOS Betas Tied to Apple ID

Filipe Espósito (MacRumors):

Whereas previously installing an iOS beta required a special profile, that process will now be tied to the developer’s Apple ID.


“Your iPhone or iPad must be signed in with the same Apple ID you used to enroll in the Apple Developer Program in order to see this option in Settings.”

This is touted as making it easier for developers to install betas, since they can just go to the new Beta Updates menu in Software Update, without having to install a configuration profile. However, it seems like this will cause problems since many people use a separate Apple ID only for development, with their apps and iCloud data owned by a different Apple ID.


Update (2023-02-17): Rob Jonson:

This is nuts. Of course my company Apple ID (which purchases the developer program) isn't the same as my personal id...


This reminds me of when Apple started requiring 2FA for developer Apple ID accounts. It was initially clunky to add a second iCloud developer account on your personal account’s iPhone (for the 2FA codes), but then it got easier and better. Hopefully they will come around on this.

Or maybe it will use that same system, which many developers have already set up. I had forgotten about that, and didn’t see it in Settings anymore. It turns out that now, instead of adding the developer Apple ID under Settings ‣ Passwords & Accounts, you are supposed to go to Settings ‣ Mail ‣ Accounts ‣ Add Accounts ‣ iCloud.

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@MichaelTsai: unrelated, but this seems to be a neat trick.

Adding secondary Apple IDs via Settings > Mail > Accounts is great for 2FA validation codes but they don't have the same privileges.

On my work iPhone connected primarily to my work Apple ID for both iCloud and the App Store, I can't approve app purchases for my children despite having added my personal Apple ID (the Family Sharing organiser) via Settings > Mail > Accounts

This tells me that, from the App Store perspective, only the main Apple ID configured on the device has some authority that other Apple IDs don't have.

I haven't tested just keeping my work Apple ID for ilCoud and using my personal Apple ID for the App Store and iTunes purchases though, so I don't have a full understanding of the situation.

Does anyone have some experience with this?

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