Thursday, February 9, 2023

Transmission 4.0

Transmission (Hacker News, Mac Rumors):

This is a major release, both in numbering and in effort! It’s been in active development for over a year and has a huge list of changes -- over a thousand commits -- since Transmission 3.00.


The code has been extensively profiled and improved to fix inefficient code and memory use. For example, a stress test of starting transmission-daemon with 25,000 torrents is almost entirely IO-bound, using 50% fewer CPU cycles and 70% fewer memory allocations than Transmission 3.00.


The entire codebase has been migrated from C to C++. In the process, we’ve removed thousands of lines of custom code and used standard C++ tools instead. The core’s code has shrunk by 18%. The core codebase has been extensively refactored to be more testable and maintainable.

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I'm a little surprised but also impressed how the release notes tout so much improvement to design and performance. Transmission has always seemed like a sturdy, speedy, and well-made Mac application. Fortunately this update seems so, too.

C to C++? Shame, but if it makes for a superior codebase with greater expert dependencies, fair enough. And agreed, Transmission is just one of the unsung greats out there, alongside Aria2.

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