Wednesday, February 8, 2023

New WWDR Intermediate Certificate and Receipt Verification


Starting January 18, 2023, the App Store receipt signing certificate will use a new WWDR intermediate certificate. The existing intermediate certificate expires on February 7, 2023. In most cases, this certificate change won’t require changes to apps. However, we recommend reviewing how you verify the sale of your apps and in-app purchases from the App Store to make sure your apps aren’t impacted.

James Thomson:

Confirmed - my Mac TestFlight build receipts are still being signed with the Apple certificate that expired yesterday.


Certificates are such a fun show case of “can a corporate bureaucracy handle something that happens every few years and few people have access to” (the answer may surprise you).


Some of you with active subscriptions have reported issues with the app thinking you aren’t subscribed or unable to “Restore Purchases” on another family device. This is because Apple is currently having some issues with Receipt Verification. We will try to fix this temporarily on our end until Apple sorts the issue out.


Update (2023-02-13): Rich Trouton:

Mac admins who have previously installed macOS apps from the Mac App Store (MAS) or the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) may be seeing some of those apps displaying warning messages on launch that the application is damaged.

James Thomson:

And that’s Dice on Mac rejected for crashing at startup because receipt validation is failing.

So, it seems like they’ve fixed the receipt certs for TestFlight, but not yet in the App Review testing setup.

This is tedious.

Matthias Gansrigler:

PSA: If you’ve recently seen “this app is damaged” or “sign in to the App Store” dialog on your Mac, the following link might explain why[…]

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Let's Encrypt were wise to make all certificates expire after 60 days.
Now you _have_ to have an automated solution.

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