Thursday, January 26, 2023

Mac 30th Anniversary Icons

Robb Knight:

SVG icons extracted from the 30th Anniversary Mac Font

Via Dave Mark:

And if you hover your cursor over the icons, they slowly change color.

Nick Heer:

It is also a reminder that the titanium PowerBook which so clearly set the template for Apple’s current laptops was released closer to the original Macintosh than to today’s Macs.


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Farallon EtherMac

Both free .ttf files are no longer at either the Apple or droplr links. (This 9to5 post was made in 2014)

Could someone please share the font files? They were freely downloadable, and if they’ve now been made into SVG files and people are selling T-shirts it sure seems Apple doesn’t care.

Farallon EtherMac

Oops, sorry for the extra comment(s), feel free to delete 2 of the 3 if you want.

@Farallon Your comment initially was auto-moderated by WordPress. I’m not sure why unless you hadn’t posted from that address before.

Thanks Dan.

If you follow the link from Nick Heer's site to the Wayback machine link to Apple's 30th anniversary site (, you'll find that your browser probably can't play the video. The embedded QuickTIme file is a 433 byte playlist file that refers to another URL.

The embedded URL is

You can enter this in your web browser to download/play the 220MB MP4 video file.

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