Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Mimeo Acquires Motif


This acquisition will combine the shared passion for empowering creators and producing top-notch products of both Mimeo and Motif, and strengthens Mimeo’s commitment to delivering best-in-class photo products and innovation for every home and business.


Motif and Mimeo have been global strategic partners with Apple for over a decade, first as the photobook providers behind Apple’s iPhoto printing services and now as the top photobook product apps in the Apple Mac App Store. With this acquisition, we will continue the tradition of producing the highest quality photobooks and other photo products from the same facilities trusted by Apple.


You will continue to be able to design beautiful products on the Motif apps this year, yet every photobook, calendar, and card will be printed and shipped by Mimeo.


For those that utilize Motif’s image curation and AutoFlow technology, which automatically chooses and lays out the best photos for your photobooks, you will still be able to do so. But now you will also have the option to utilize Mimeo Photos’ advanced layout and design toolset.

I like Motif—both the interface and print quality are superior to Shutterfly—so I’m a bit worried about what this means for the app and service. It sounds like they are implying that the app will be gone after 2023, which means that my old projects may no longer be accessible.


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