Monday, December 26, 2022

Gitea Actions Preview


The aim of Gitea actions is to bring closer integration between Gitea and existing CI/CD systems. Another goal is to expose a unified management inteface for standalone runners to reduce the adminstrative overhead of supporting multiple systems if desired. The standalone runner workflows are designed to be compatible with GitHub Actions, and can be used to build, test, package, release, or deploy any code project on Gitea.

Gitea Actions goes beyond just DevOps and lets you run workflows when other events happen in your repository. For example, you can run a workflow to automatically add the appropriate labels whenever someone creates a new issue in your repository.


Gitea Actions implements a built-in CI/CD system framework, compatible with GitHub Actions’ YAML workflow format, and compatible with most existing Actions plugins in GitHub Marketplace.

This could be interesting, since Gitea is easier to administer than Jenkins and GitHub itself has been slow to support new OS versions.

Simon B. Støvring:

GitHub are planning to support macOS 13 Ventura on GitHub Actions at some point between April or June 2023. That’s when developers are starting to prepare for macOS 14 😨


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