Friday, December 23, 2022

30 Years of PCalc

James Thomson (Mastodon):

At around the same time, we’d started coding using THINK Pascal, and I had begun to explore the Macintosh programming APIs in my own time.


The Pascal core mathematics code was hand-translated into C, and a new user interface was written around it in C++.


In 2005, I rewrote PCalc once again. This time, it was to learn the new Carbon HIToolbox APIs - this was a different way of writing an application, somewhat similar to PowerPlant, but provided by Apple.


I took the code I’d written for the Dashboard Widget version of PCalc, and got that running within a day or two on the iPhone. From there, I wrote a completely new interface around it, this time in Cocoa.


Well before the days of Mac Catalyst, this new version was actually based on the iOS source code[…]


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