Monday, December 12, 2022

Blog Updates (Late 2022)

Over the last month or two I’ve made several improvements to this blog:

Hopefully, none of these changes has introduced any new problems. If you see anything wrong, please let me know.


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Since some time ago, the background on these pages does not show black but grey (which is less convenient) when using Dark Mode for Safari

@MeX I’m using gray for the background in Dark Mode—like Apple does—because I think full black is a bit too much. Do you know if there’s a way to signal to that extension that it’s OK to override the background color? Does it work for Daring Fireball?

Oh cool, so it wasn't just my browser. I got into the habit of refreshing this site whenever it seemed suspiciously long since the last post haha

Thanks for the dark mode :) 🌃

I agree gray is preferable to black… at least for my own eyes.

RSS seems to have been working since you fixed it.

Btw, this is worth an article, me thinks:

Might make me come back to coding on the iPhone.

I'd like a toggle for dark/light mode if possible.

Would you consider adding `color-scheme: light dark;` to your topmost element in your CSS (as far as I can tell, `body`)?

It doesn't do much in Safari, I don't think, but it does darken the leave-a-comment form fields so nobody gets blinded by them when scrolling to the bottom of all the comments.


@Michael Tsai just noticed on another post. Thanks.

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