Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Subscribing to Updated Blog Posts

Readers of this blog have been asking for an RSS feed for the recently Recently Updated page. I have not figured out how to do this with WordPress yet. However, with NetNewsWire 6 it is now possible to subscribe to a Twitter search of the #mjtsaiupdate tweets that I post.


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Subscribing to hashtag Twitter feeds like #mjtsaiupdate is also possible in News Explorer.

@Ron Great! I’ve added that to the page.

The Twitter support in NNW 6 is really good!

It's not obvious but you can also subscribe to your Twitter lists (which is what I relay on for those account that I want to read everything from).

After the Twitter account has been added as an extension in NNW then just copy the URL of your Twitter list and add it as a new web feed. It even works with private lists.

For those who don't have a Twitter account or don't use NetNewsWire (or both!), you can also try I've had good success using it to subscribe to a few Twitter users and searches, the warnings on their homepage notwithstanding.

@Jolin Thanks, but that is giving me an empty feed.

@Michael, yes, I'm having the same. Maybe the search feeds have now stopped working. Sorry for the incorrect advice 😬 (It's a shame, as it was a great service.)

Feedbin offers this option as well:

“Articles are updated whenever the original changes so you don't miss any important changes. You can even see the differences to know what changed.”

Very convenient!

@Sander Feedbin does support Twitter, but the updated articles feature only works with articles that are new enough to still be in the RSS feed.

I'd be willing to write you a WP plugin to create the feed if you'd like.

@Colin That would be great, thanks!

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