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Affinity 2

Affinity (Hacker News):

Wielding hundreds of timesaving improvements and a completely redesigned UI that will optimise your workflow, V2 is heralding in a new creative era.


Experience the full power of Version 2 of Affinity apps with the Universal Licence. For just one discounted payment, you can get the ENTIRE Affinity suite (including Publisher for iPad!) on all your devices, across macOS, Windows and iPadOS.

Amazing that it’s only $99.99—with no subscription—for everything.



Amazing price, and more amazingly people are still complaining because there’s no discount on top of the discount for V1 owners. People hate subscriptions but it’s this kind of self-entitlement that pushed so many devs in that direction. Cannot win.


Add to that the fact that Affinity has publicized this pricing model for years. Major revisions were always going to be new purchases. And for the price they charge, it's a steal. I didn't have to think twice before hitting buy. And the iPad apps are a nice bonus, since I didn't bother with them before.

People do have some rather odd notions about what software should cost. If you buy a newer model dishwasher, you don't expect to get a discount on it just because you bought the previous model. (Let's ignore trade-ins to keep this metaphor working.)

The thing I hate about subscription pricing is that if I stop paying the subscription, my software stops working. At least with this model you neither need to pay for the upgrade, nor keep paying for your current software to work. What you originally bought is yours for however long you want. And unlike a dishwasher, it's non corporeal and as such won't succumb to water damage or leaks. You may suffer bit rot, though...

I didn't even bother to see what they changed before I bought v2. They did right by me for the past six years, and I want them to do well.

Serif's model is great, and their software offering is very robust.
It looks like it's remains friendly mostly because they still operate in personal usage case, if they would go to corporate buyers I am afraid it will be different.

I bought the new universal license as soon as the store was up. I love their suite, it is such a good value och and they stick with the perpetual license, thank god.

I'm also ok with the whole "no upgrade" thing. They have given so much back throughout the lifetime of V1 for such a low price it's really insane how entitled some are in the forums right now.

That being said; the V2 was a bit underwhelming. Serif was more or less in radio silence for a year with no visible development of V1 (just some minor bug fixes in March) while they (I assume) was working on V2 and what we got was a solid update but not the big news they where teasing ahead of the launch.

I was kind of hope for them both to check of a lot of the long standing feature requests that's keeping people from switching from Adobes suite. And I was more or less expecting some sort of AI-assisted ”smart” functionality, like auto masking and stuff that a lot of the competition has been adding over the last years. Seems like they lag behind in that area. Maybe it's for V3 in the future.

On top of that they made some changes that makes things worse for some users (nothing that bothers me personally though), the choice to only installs as and Windows App seems to break all kind of integration over on the dark side. And on the Mac side the single window mode is causing some frustration for people used to working with multiple windows and floating toolbars. And so on, there's a lot to be found in the forums.

And I was also sort of hoping but not expecting that they finally made a DAM for us who still mourns Aperture, but alas, no such news.

Anyway, I don't regret buying the new license for a second, for me V1 was a lot of joy to use and I expect V2 to be mostly better. Some of the improvements were really good. I'm so happy this software exists and is affordable. And the unified file format that you can open in any of the apps is genius and really useful.

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