Tuesday, November 8, 2022

PowerPoint’s Connected Experiences

Roger González Gutiérrez (via Hacker News):

Microsoft is phoning home the content of your PowerPoint slides.


Make a new slide with a title of your choice. Choose “Designer.” Look at your network traffic as you do.

It makes sense: the tool is reading your text and suggesting designs/delivering stock photography. But this means that any data that you might want to keep private is being sent to Microsoft.


Connected experiences that analyze your content are experiences that use your Office content to provide you with design recommendations, editing suggestions, data insights, and similar features. For example, PowerPoint Designer or Translator.

It looks like you can turn off PowerPoint Designer in the preferences, though it’s not obvious that this pane of the pre-Ventura-style preferences window lets you scroll down to see more settings.


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I think that such PowerPoint Designer is only available in 365 version, NOT in the standalone (2021) version.

[…] Roger González Gutiérrez (via Michael Tsai): […]

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